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Could this be my bigger iPod?

CNET editor Eric Franklin starts his summary of all this year’s group of available tablets like this,

“The¬†tablet¬†market is like that kid in school who, at first, no one really noticed. Then, a year later he starts the school year a foot taller, with a new wardrobe, and suddenly everyone wants to be his friend. But, does he deserve his newfound popularity?

I really don’t know. Personally, I’ve yet to purchase a tablet, and I’ve still not seen a compelling reason to do so. Still, millions feel differently and have already dived full on into the tablet sector.”

Personally, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an iPad since they first came out over two years ago, but couldn’t afford it didn’t want to stretch my budget for something that might not fit my lifestyle. At the same time, I found that I couldn’t backup my aging Palm PDA to my desktop due to my upgrading to Windows 7 (and the fact that Palm had moved from PDAs to smartphones with monthly charges). After some research, I bought a 4th generation iPod Touch –it took me a few days to see how well the iPod replaced my PDA, and then it showed me how it replaced my portable CD player, my wallet photo holder and my netbook. When I added an Apple TV to my network, I could use the iPod to run some apps that added even more content to my television viewing from the comfort of my recliner – Kelby Training courses on photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom, plus the photos from my iPod that weren’t already on my computer network. But … the iPod screen is small, and for those apps that didn’t work via Apple TV to show up on my bigger screen TV, I found I still wanted that iPad. In fact, the iPod showed me both that I didn’t need the iPad AND that I wanted the iPad. The iPod could do much of what the iPad does; it just does it smaller – and I’m old(er) and my vision needs wants a larger screen with larger fonts and larger pictures and … Then the other tablets started being announced, and I was hopeful that one would be as good as the iPad but a lot cheaper and not too dorky looking. I’m still waiting, but there are signs that really good tablets that can do even more than the iPad are coming — one MIGHT be the ASUS Transformer Prime… or not, since CNET decided not to review the one they received because of bad performance – they’re waiting for another copy and will see if it’s any better…

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