Life is a Montage

associations of disparate elements meld together to form my life

Musical Montage – counterpoint

Ethel Merman and Donald O’Connor perform “You’re just in Love” from “Call Me Madam”. The songs are written to counterpoint each other, which is a kind of musical montage. Per Wikipedia: counterpoint involves the writing of musical lines that sound very different and move independently from each other but sound harmonious when played simultaneously. Other examples are Celtic Thunder’s song “That’s a Woman”, and “West Side Story” with “A Boy Like That” vs “I Have A Love”.

Celtic Thunder – “That’s a Woman”

Okay… they keep deleting my favorites from YouTube, so here’s another example – from “The Music Man” , the biddies singing “Pick a Little, Talk a Little” while the Buffalo Bills counterpoint with “Good Nite, Ladies”

I’ve always especially loved the counterpoint duets – two for the price of one, and great fun!

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