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Tool lock-up on Adobe CS3 or CS4 – shows the handtool only?

on February 28, 2010

If you work with Adobe CS3 or CS4 software, you may run into a glitch like I did. Thank goodness for the internet and all those other folks who have already run into glitches before us and found the solutions… and the possible cause of the problem, which is valuable also.

I was watching a video tutorial by Steve Caplin on YouTube, and following along on CS3 Photoshop when I noticed that I couldn’t use the marquee tool or any other tool — pressing on any of the tools only produced the handtool. Took me a minute to try different things to realize that it was a problem – hit the Caps Lock, tried several different tools, then rebooted CS3 – still the handtool instead of the marquee or brush or eraser…! Don’t remember this happening before – what did my cat do this time?!  Abby, the cat currently sleeping next to keyboard did not answer my question, so I did a search. Found an answer after looking thru a lot of frustrated posts.

Probable cause: conflict with FULL- screen viewing of Flash-based videos

Solution:  hit the space bar… yep, that’s all.

I tried out the cause again, and got the same effect; tried out the solution again and resolved the problem.

If you ever end up here because of the same problem – say thanks to eZen, at the Adobe Forums – it was his/her post that gave me the answer.


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