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Change lives – with a fuel cell

on February 21, 2010


“In the world of energy, the Holy Grail is a power source that’s inexpensive and clean, with no emissions. Well over 100 start-ups in Silicon Valley are working on it, and one of them, Bloom Energy, is about to make public its invention: a little power plant-in-a-box they want to put literally in your backyard.

You’ll generate your own electricity with the box and it’ll be wireless. The idea is to one day replace the big power plants and transmission line grid, the way the laptop moved in on the desktop and cell phones supplanted landlines…” — excerpt from

The Bloom Box: An Energy Breakthrough? – 60 Minutes – CBS News.

Wow! I do not understand any of the science behind this (fuel cells), but I believe the people who say it is working. My mind is totally boggled by the thought of energy being available anywhere in the world — the inventor wants to provide power for EVERYONE from the richest companies to remote villages in Africa.

This is what terrorists don’t understand – the world is changed for the better by people who CREATE, not by people who destroy.


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